Jaravagga ⧸ Gāthā 154

Gahakāraka diṭṭho si puna gehaṃ na kāhasi
Sabbā te phāsukā bhaggā gahakauṭaṃ visaṅkhitaṃ
Visaṅkhāragataṃ cittaṃ taṇhānaṃ khayamajjhagā

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Old Age ⧸ Verse 154

House-builder, youre seen!
You will not build a house again.
All your rafters broken,
the ridge pole dismantled,
immersed in dismantling, the mind
has attained to the end of craving.
English translation © 1997 Thanissaro Bhikkhu. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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