Buddhavagga ⧸ Gāthā 181

Ye jhānapasutā dhīrā nekkhammūpasame ratā
Devā pi tesaṃ pihayanti sambuddhānaṃ satīmataṃ

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The Buddha ⧸ Verse 181

The wise who practise jhana concentration and Insight Meditation take delight in the peace of liberation from sensual pleasures and moral defilements. Such wise and mindful ones, who truly comprehend the Four Noble Truths (i.e., arahats and Buddhas) are held dear also by the devas.
English translation by Daw Mya Tin. Edited by Editorial Committee, Burma Tipitaka Association Rangoon, Burma, 1986. For free distribution only, as a gift of dhamma.

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