Sukhavagga ⧸ Gāthā 208

Dhīrañca paññca bahussutañca
Dhorayhasīlaṃ vatavantamāriyaṃ
Taṃ tādisaṃ sappurisaṃ sumedhaṃ
Bhajetha nakkhattapathaṃ va candimā

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Happiness ⧸ Verse 208

Therefore one should follow a resolute, intelligent, learned, persevering and dutiful ariya; follow such a virtuous and wise man, as the moon follows the path of the stars.
English translation by Daw Mya Tin. Edited by Editorial Committee, Burma Tipitaka Association Rangoon, Burma, 1986. For free distribution only, as a gift of dhamma.

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