Hey! I’m Adam Newbold, and Neatnik is my independent software development business based in Louisville, KY.
(Because that’s where I live.)

I’ve been in love with the web since the 90s, so most of what I do is focused on that.

Products & Services


Get the best internet address that you’ve ever had, along with profile pages, weblogging, photo sharing, and more.

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DNS Kitchen

Prep your zones and resource records with the most fun authoritative nameserver provider ever.

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Web1 Land

Simple web hosting for simple sites, reminiscent of a much simpler time.

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Open Source

Website Monitor

Simple self-hosted website monitoring and uptime tracking system.

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The entire year on a single sheet of paper.

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Fluent Emoji Stickers

Fun, colorful emoji stickers for iOS.

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If you want to get in touch, you can email me at any time.