Nirayavagga ⧸ Gāthā 309

Cattāri ṭhānāni naro pamatto
Āpajjati paradārūpasevī
Apuññalābhaṃ na nikāmaseyyaṃ
Nindaṃ tatiyaṃ nirayaṃ catutthaṃ

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The Downward Course ⧸ Verse 309

Four misfortunes befall a man who is unmindful of right conduct and commit sexual misconduct with another mans wife: acquisition of demerit, disturbed sleep, reproach, and suffering in niraya.
English translation by Daw Mya Tin. Edited by Editorial Committee, Burma Tipitaka Association Rangoon, Burma, 1986. For free distribution only, as a gift of dhamma.

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