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About Steganographr

Updated on 2019-10-11

Steganographr makes it easy to hide messages inside of other messages in a way that’s difficult to detect.


There are two main functions: hide and reveal.


The hide operation requires two pieces of information: the public message that you don’t mind sharing with anyone, and the private message that you want to hide inside of the public message.

To hide a message:

  1. Enter your public message in the Public message field.
  2. Enter your private message in the Private message field.
  3. Click the Steganographize button.

The resulting steganographized message will appear in a text field below, from which you can copy it to share it further.

Note: Your public message must contain at least two characters.


The reveal operation requires a string of public text that contains hidden private text.

To reveal a message:

  1. Paste your message into the Public message field.
  2. Click the Desteganographize button.

The resulting desteganographized message will appear below.

How it works

Steganographr works by converting your private message into binary data, and then converting that binary data into zero-width characters (which can then be hidden in your public message). These characters are used: