Watson Assistant Utilities

This is a suite of utilities for use with the IBM Watson Assistant platform.

About the utilities

This is a collection of miscellaneous functions that enhance your use of Watson Assistant. These used to be standalone scripts but are now being brought together within a single hosted service.

To use the utilities, simply connect to your Watson Assistant skill or workspace using the form below.

The source code is 100% free and open source, and you’re encouraged to review the code and run it on your own server for your safety. Always be cautious about using your IBM Watson service credentials with untrusted third parties (like this one).

A note about privacy

This service fully respects your privacy and data security. Your API credentials are held in a temporary session, which you can eliminate at any time by clicking on the Disconnect button or closing your browser window. No data is logged, and no trackers are in use.

This is a beta service

This service is in active development and may not work perfectly. Please report any issues that you encounter. By using this service, you agree that Neatnik LLC is not responsible for any issues that might arise related to its use. You should make a backup copy of your Assistant workspace/skill before using this service.

Connect to Watson

Connection information

Your service endpoint is tied to the region in which your Watson Assistant service is housed. This appears on your IBM Cloud Resources page in the Location column.

You can find your API information in Watson Assistant:

  • Click the Skills tab.
  • Click on the vertical ellipsis icon beside your skill name.
  • Click View API details.

If your Watson Assistant service uses IBM Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) authentication, then you can leave the username set to apikey. Otherwise, enter your Workspace’s username.

IBM Watson® is a registered trademark of IBM Corporation.