Here’s some of the stuff that we’ve made. offers the best email address ever
Volatile is a free key value pair API with a twist lets you view any web page source on your phone
Dhammapada is the classic Buddhist sutta
Braille Cell Decoder helps you read Braille with ease
Digital Brailler can help you with Braille typing practice
Steganographr lets you hide secrets in plain sight
Valence Analysis makes it easy to quantify the happiness level of text
Mnencrypt encrypts text with mnemonic keys
Vigenère Ciphers will make your very own Kryptos
Bot Plumbing flows conversation through your Watson bot is a fun URL redirection service
Surveymoji offers fun emoji-powered anti-surveys
BTC Price Monitor shows just the price, nice and large
Braille Bitcoin Whitepaper needed to be done
Bitcoin Units explains common Bitcoin denominations
IcyWallet is an audio-based Bitcoin cold storage solution
Watson Assistant Utilities lets you do cool stuff with your bot
Watson Assistant Webhook is a free webhook for your bot
Watson Assistant Cookbook has sweet recipes for your bot